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so this product is perfect for me so I love how it works

I started taking this capsule about a week ago and I am already seeing a difference in my eyes! They totally look whiter. I take eye pics on IG, so this product is perfect for me so I love how it works.

lovely eyes

i have some form of eye defect but i have a corrective contact that i wear for it.coupled with the fact that i spend a lot of time in front of the computer at work. The strain always tells on my eyes, the bloodshot and eye coloring sometimes is always massive. A colleague told me about this supplement and i must i have been impressed with its result in just few days of using it. i don't have dry, burning or itching eyes anymore. it has made my eyes cute, brighter, healthier and more attractive. i would buy it again.

The best supplement for your eyes!

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen and had red eyes issue. I have been taking them for a while, and I see a big difference! Healthy and bright eyes! Thank you so much, love the product!

Great Product

I do feel and see a difference. I also don't have strange, late night cravings as often anymore which is a definite plus!! I felt kind of bloated when I first took the pills, but I'm not sure if it was because of this product or because of my change in diet.

Yeeeeesss! Holy Grail!

It's been a little over a week that I've been taking this product before lunch and dinner. I've also been taking Skinny Bean's Rasberry Ketone betone breakfast. I've hit a plateau in my baby weightloss journey about six months ago and I am so happy to report the the scale has finally dropped! I lost about 2.5 lbs which, for some, might not be a lot, but for me, this is huge as it's the first time in 6 months that I've lost a single oz!!! I'm super close to my goal weight, and my personal trainer told me the closer I get, the harder the weight will be to get off. This definitely helped me kickstart my weightliss journey again and I'm confident it will help me get to my finish line!

Amazing product, works wonders

This stuff is amazing. I take the Skinny Bean kidney with the Skinny Bean probiotic and it works like a charm. It's curbed my appetite insanely well, I almost never feel hungry or get cravings (which used to be my biggest issue). I've tried like everything out there to lose weight and FINALLY after 8 months of hard work and dedication, my stomach is completely flat!! It's actually motivated me to work out, and I've lost so much weight in my tummy, just in time for summer too. I'm gonna continue to take them until I reach my weight goal :)

Helps control hunger and bloating

I've been taking it for the past week and really notice a difference! I don't get hungry that fast and it helps with the bloating as well! Excited to see what the result would be in the long term.

I Love them!

Absolutely love this product!
I am already seeing a difference in my weight and I am not always so hungry. I don't like to diet too much so these tablets are a great way to help me curve hunger :)

Best way to loose weight in a healthy way

Best way to loose weight in a healthy way, I totally recommend it! Been trying this brand for some time now and I would totally recommend every single product they have! You need to take them as prescribed, if not they won't work. I loved it!

 Best product I've found so far

Great product to use while getting cut. Reduced from 12% to 7%!! Love this product!! Very satisfied

On The Way To My Dream Weight

White Kidney Bean Extract — I love these pills. They truly help me to control my appetite and I don’t have to completely cut bread out of my diet (one of my favorite things to eat), since they even take the bloating away. I wake up in the morning and my stomach is flat. Now I just have to keep working out and I will reach my dream weight in no time. I take two pills every time I eat starch containing meals and I feel fantastic.

5 stars

purchased Hair Volume and Regrowth on the recommendation from a girl friend, and so glad that i did! I've been using it for a few months now and it's helped my hair become thinker and stronger! My hair would break easily because i spend a lot of time in the sun, ocean and working out so i'm washing it and brushing it A LOT! It's saved my hair! :)

Always wanted to try

I wanted to try these products and love the hair volume and growth! I do already have long hair, but it is fairly thin and I am trying to grow it even longer! There are such amazing vitamins in this product that help my roots to stay strong and shiny.


Really great product, my nails have truly gotten stronger and my hair feels healthier.

Lovely Hair supplment

I am hoping these will go on prime so that I can just buy them here instead of going to my hair salon and buying them at full price. These have transformed my hair. I had thin hair with a receding hairline from years of bleaching and extensions. I know had to do something instead of continuing the damage for a fast fix. After taking these for a year my hair is now as full and growing new hair at the roots.

In love with this stuff

I love this stuff!!! I've been taking it every day for a couple months now, and my hair has become so much thicker and easier to work with. I can wake up and feel good about my hair without needing to style it and such, it's the best feeling. Can't wait to buy my next batch as well as some for my sister and continue on my journey :)


After reading the reviews and questions, I went ahead and bought a bottle for myself. Overall I am glad I did and it works wonders. I feel like I’m already growing and I witnessed myself looking and feeling stronger and healthier. Along with this pill, I drink milk, eat proteins, stretch and exercise daily. This one I Highly recommend!

love this product!

Wow I’m in love with this product, definitely will but again!

To early

I'm excited about this product. It really works. I’ve been using this product for about a month now and I do see a slight increase in my height. And getting my basketball 🏀 in better shape. So here's the scoop. I an average height but who doesn't want to be taller so I ordered these. This stuff seems to be working! How is it working for me.. I pair this with a healthy diet for consistent results. I think I've gained about 1/4 inch so far. The bummer is I wish I'd have bought these when I was a kid. I will continue to take this product and will keep you updated. So far so GREAT

I love it!

I’ve been using for awhile now and I’ve definitely seen a difference. Being taller is not only more attractive but it’s an advantage

It Works !

As a shorter man, I wouldn’t mind being a little taller! This was worth a try!

Try for yourself!!

I added this to my daily routine! So far I’m looooving the results. I have really bad knees and I used to hate squatting because they would make a cracking sound lol but this really helped me! I feel like my knees have gotten stronger and I’m a bit more energetic! 10/10 would recommend!

Top quality

I did my research for a few days on a good lung cleanse that I could do. I found this one to have the best ingredients. I ended up around a lot of second-hand smoke recently and I visited some polluted places. I felt a bit tight in my throat; a feeling similar to the one present when youre about to get sick with a cold. After taking this lung cleanse, I noticed improved breathing and great clarity. Received my package within three days of ordering, thanks so much!

Love this product

I have asthma/allergies and live in an area where there is a lot of dust and pollen most of year, which adds to difficulty breathing.

Superb product

This lung cleanse is perfect for those who enjoy the gym and working out often. I have never smoked a day in my life, but toxins are always in the air and can get in any persons lungs regardless if you are a "smoker" or not. Being a fitness fanatic, I can already see a difference in my breathing and balance levels. This product is is a veggie capsule and very natural for your body. I have never taken a product for my lung health, but this one is AMAZING! Highly recommend!