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how to remove mucus from lungs naturally

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Free the airways

If mucus membranes make breathing difficult, loosening and coughing up the mucus to clear mucus from lungs is a very important role to take. As a rule, a regular anti-inflammatory therapy with inhaled steroids is sufficient for you. In addition, however, there are a number of other measures that can help you rid your airway.

Clear mucus from lungs

Clear mucus from lungs

Clear mucus from lungs with deep breathing

Exercises like “autogenic drainage” and special cough techniques can be very effective. Autogenic training is a technique developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz by which a psycho-physiological relaxation outcome is obtained With the “autogenous drainage” you can remove the mucus gently and without help from the lungs. Breathe in calmly and deeply and as far as possible through the nose. You can sit there, but also lie on your back or side. Give the air two to three seconds to disperse in the lungs and then let it out against the so-called lip brake. The upper lip should be slightly advanced and the lower lip slightly withdrawn so that the air can escape downwards. Then exhale actively. Through the deep breaths, your bronchi expand and contract more. This dissolves the mucus better. The lip brake causes that the bronchi remain open longer, so the mucus can be better “transported away”. To perform this exercise well, you should definitely seek professional help.

Throat clearing instead of coughing

Throat clearing instead of coughing

Throat clearing instead of coughing

When coughing a very high pressure in the chest and in the lungs. For unstable bronchi it is dangerous because it can push it shut. Then the mucus is carried out only incompletely. In this case one speaks of “productive-ineffective” coughing. On the other hand, it helps to exhale first against the lip brake and then to transport the mucus not with a coughing but with a throat clearing from the airways. This will avoid excessive pressure. However, too frequent a throat clearing pollutes the vocal cords. Therefore, you should not use this technique too often when clear mucus from lungs.

After many years of coughing, the cough muscles are very exhausted. Then she should be supported by the arms. Sit upright, cross your forearms and put them in front of your stomach like a corset. Then take a deep breath and support the following coughing burst by pressing your arms down on your stomach.

In addition, long-term coughing sometimes leads to urinary incontinence. On the other hand, there is a simple technique: the so-called rotational position. Sit upright and take a deep breath. Turn your upper body aside during the following coughing fit.

Respiratory therapy equipment

A similar effect as the exhale against the lip brake achieve respiratory therapy devices that help with clear mucus from lungs. They also serve to keep the airways and the mucus solution. There are also devices that create vibrations to loosen the mucus. Whether you should use a device and, if so, which one, you should discuss with your doctor or therapist. We at Success Chemistry are focusing on creating the best lung supplement on the market that can clear mucus from lungs and detox your lungs from smog or smoke. If you want to give it a try we have added a coupon at the end of this article.

Medicinal aids

In cases of increased formation of viscous bronchial mucus, the treatment can be supplemented in the short term by expectorant drugs such as acetylcysteine or ambroxol. Naturopathic thymic or primrose-based slime removers or essential oils can also help. Likewise, regular inhalations with saline may be helpful. In general, cough suppressant medicines are not recommended because they can cause the mucus to solidify.

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