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Lungs Cleaning Natural Treatment For Smokers | How To Remove Tar From Lungs

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How to Clean Lungs

Not only smoking (active or passive) pollutes and damages the lungs. Also, smog, or pollutants in the workplace or, for example, and too little exercise can affect the health of the lungs. Therefore, we recommended a lung cleanse regularly. If you are interested in how to clean lungs then great we are here to help. We believe that lungs are the pinnacle of importance for optimal health. That is why we focus on high-quality lungs cleaning treatment for smokers made with the same ingredients used in clinical trials.

Why is a lung cleanse important?


We often hear about detoxing and purification of the blood, the skin, the hair or the intestines but it is important to remember the lungs take up thousands of daily pollutants, which can accumulate and cause illnesses.

A lung cleanse is not only recommended for smokers or people who live in polluted cities, but for anyone who wants to strengthen general lung health. We can help you understand how to clean your lungs efficiently to reach optimum lung health.

Even if you suffer from respiratory problems or atrophy frequently (the cause may be lack of exercise), when you live or work with a heavy smoker, or live in a polluted city, lung cleansing can be very helpful. Our supplement offers lungs cleaning treatment for smokers and we guarantee effective results.

If you live in a big city, spend free time, at least on weekends by taking a walk to the sauna, steam baths or take a hot bath. This will make you sweat and cause the body to exude toxins. After this take large breaths in the open air to promote lung capacity and stimulate the natural healing functions within your lungs.

Fast everyday lung cleanse 

If a 3-day treatment is too time-consuming, the following tips are things you can do every day to cleanse the lungs: • Calm breathing exercises while lying down• Drinking mint tea (detoxifies and frees breathing)• Ventilate regularly• Make steam baths (eucalyptus, peppermint)• Drink plenty of lemon water


Help your lungs clean themselves

Did you know the lungs clean themselves the respiratory system is designed to expel toxic substances, dust and other toxins from the lungs with every breath. According to studies, the body needs about 7-10 years to naturally cleanse the lungs from the effects of heavy smog or smoking. With supplementation, you can breathe better in as little as 3 months of use.  

Breathwork is key especially long deep breaths. You can promote this natural process of the body with jogging. Shortly after you quit smoking or move into nature away from pollution, the first time you jog, you may notice that the lungs hurt. Now you notice the unpleasant consequences of toxic lungs. This can be very practical as mucus, tar and flem may come up, giving you the chance to expel the toxins.

If you are looking to speed up lung detoxing and cleansing and you are interested in how to remove tar from lungs our NEW LUNG supplement was formulated to speed up the process and make things easier for you. It can be found in on the SHOP page. OK now back to some greater natural tips on lungs cleaning treatment for smokers.

lung detox juice

lung detox juice

The ultimate lung detox Juice

In addition to the above recommendations, the following juice is recommended. Vitamin C is recommended before breakfast in order to strengthen the immune system and improve the health of the lungs: mix the juice of 2 lemons with a glass of water and drink. Instead of lemons, grapefruit or grapefruit can also be used. Then for lunch make a smoothie that cleanses the lungs, prevents cramps and distributes body fluids. Drink one or two of these  potassium-rich smoothies:

  • 1 banana

  • 1/2 cup of prunes

  • 1/2 cup of strawberries

  • 1/2 cup papaya

  • 2 glasses of rice or almond milk

  • 3 dates

At lunchtime or dinner, an awesome food alternative for lung health are foods with carotenoids, which strengthen the lung tissue and protect the cells. The following foods contain high amounts of carotenoids:  sweet potato, butternut squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, red peppers, grapefruit, apricots, mango, tomatoes and papaya.You can have them in a salad or use them to make a smoothie.


And finally, before going to bed (2 hours after eating), we hope you have decided to give our lung supplement a try, combine NEW LUNG with a glass of cranberry juice. This small, dark fruit has many healthy properties: it has, for example, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and is therefore very healthy if you are looking for how to remove tar from lungs.

lung cleanse and lung detox

lung cleanse and lung detox


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